Become a Donor

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The Sunflower Fund educates and recruits potential stem cell donors. It raises funds to cover the recruitment costs to grow an ethnically diverse South African Bone Marrow Registry of healthy, committed donors. With the odds of finding a donor being 1:100 000 The Sunflower Fund strives to recruit 400 000 donors representative of all ethnic groups, offering more hope to those patients who are searching for suitable matches.
You can register as a donor by calling The Sunflower Fund on 0800 12 10 82. You will be given more information about the eligibility criteria and the donation process. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you will be asked to donate two tubes of blood to perform your tissue typing. Your results will be placed on the database of the SABMR. If you are found to be a match for a patient, you will be contacted by the SABMR and taken through the donation process. Donating stem cells is similar to donating blood platelets.

Committed donors are needed: Hope begins with you! For more information, please visit: or call their toll free number 0800 12 10 82.

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