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Procedure to be followed in searching for an HLA matched unrelated bone marrow donor:

  1. Requests must be made to the SABMR by the patients physician.
  2. By international convention, all preliminary searches are free of charge.
  3. For the initial search complete the Preliminary Search Request Form.
  4. The physician will be informed of the result of the search.
  5. Based on the results of the preliminary search, the next step is to activate the search, which
    involves repeating the patient’s HLA typing. The patient’s physician will also be required
    to complete the Search Activation Form and the patient must complete the Patient Details Form.
  6. Only once the search has been activated are there fees involved. For more information about the procedure and cost, please contact the SABMR Accounts Department.
  7. The SABMR works on a prepayment basis. Throughout the search process, the SABMR will issue
    invoices for the donor testing and related services.
  8. All payments must be deposited into the bank account of SABMR.
  9. Proof of payment must be provided by either fax or email.
    PLEASE NOTE: Services will only be rendered once proof of payment is received.
  10. Since we are the HUB centre for South Africa, and the International Rule is HUBS BILL HUBS,
    we are held responsible for any costs incurred. Accounts must be settled immediately
    to minimize delay in the search process.